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Inside Donald Trump’s Gold Plated Private Jet

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Are you ready to take a look inside Trump’s $100 million jet? We’re going to give you a tour of this spectacular private jet and all the luxurious features that are found inside. Dubbed Trump Force One, Trump’s Boeing 757 is filled with gold. The cabin has gold trim and many of the fixtures are lined with 24 karat gold. The light sockets are gold as are the seat buckles and bathroom faucets. The bathroom sink is also gold-plated as is the kitchen faucet. The plane has customized cream-colored leather seats, rare mahogany cabinets, and ultra-suede ceiling panels. We all know how much Trump loves to watch TV, so it’s no surprise that Trump Force One is equipped with a state-of-the-art screening room. It’s about the size of a typical home theatre and comes complete with a 57-inch TV. The plane has two bedrooms – both of which have ultra-luxurious bedspreads with high thread counts. The pillows are adorned with the Trump Crest – something you’ll notice throughout the interior. Trump’s 757 is configured for 43 passengers, which is significantly less than the 239 passenger capacity of a commercial 757. 18 of the seats on the jet are executive class. Trump completely modified his 757 and turned it into a spacious flying mansion. Trump Force One has plenty of legroom unlike a commercial 757. Trump Force One isn’t just luxurious, it’s powerful, too. It’s equipped with two Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines. Keep watching to learn more about this fancy plane. We’ll also give you an update on the current state of the private jet.

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Written by: Rob Cramer
Narrated by: Adam Newmark
Edited by: Mauricio N

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