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How Manny Pacquiao Spends His Millions

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Manny Pacquiao is a fighting legend. His journey started as a poor kid in the Philippines who had to start with nothing but his dream of becoming one of the greatest of all time. Starting in the 90’s, Pacquiao started gaining wins until he became one of the most decorated athletes to ever live. With that kind of success comes quite a few big paydays. As of October, the Pac Man was valued at $220 million and boy does he know how to spend it! For starters, he has 9 homes, each more lavish than the next. He has two gigantic mansions in the General Santos City area of the Philippines that represent two completely different styles. The “Pac Man Mansion” is a monument to throwback mediterranean design while his “White House” is the pinnacle of all things modern. He also has beach houses, a Beverly Hills location, and a home that was bought just to save his marriage. On top of that, he has an extensive car collection that tells the story of his career. This includes Ferrari, Mercedes, Hummers and armored Cadillacs. Not only that but when it comes to large scale travel, Pacquiao and his family travel in private jets, buses with his picture plastered on them and they fly around on private helicopters. His wife Jinkee Pacquiao is just as good at beating up a credit card. She has a legendary fashion sense that has made her a completely different kind of icon. Manny Pacquiao knows how to spend money on himself but he also knows how to give back with a massive charity organization and a desire to fight against causes like COVID-19. This is how Manny Pacquiao throws around his cash! Watch to find out!

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
Narrated by: Nick Twohig
Edited by: Jorge B.

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