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How To Properly Clean and Sanitize Your Bath Towels

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Do you want to learn how to remove bad smells from towels quickly? Watch this video to learn how!

After a few days of use, towels end up with a humid, unpleasant smell.

It is important to never leave your towels in the bathroom after showering, or they will take longer to dry because of humidity, facilitating the build-up of germs and dirt.

Try leaving them in a dry, fresh place, preferably under the sun, to ensure your towels are completely dry. It will avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause bad smells.

Let’s learn 3 recipes that can help you eliminate bad smells from your towels:

White vinegar and baking soda

This is one of the best alternatives to get rid of any funky smell of your towels. It easily penetrates the fabrics, eliminating dirt, bacteria, mold, and microorganisms that can cause infections and unpleasant smells.

Lemon juice

Due to the high citrus concentration of lemons, they are excellent whiteners and disinfectants for all kinds of clothes. And it’s not different with towels. Lemon’s acidic aroma will get rid of any bad smells.

To avoid weird smells, bacteria, and mold, you should wash your towels regularly, at least once a week.

Many people keep their towels in drawers. Instead, try ironing your towels before putting them away.

Keep a special place for towels in your wardrobe.

If you use the same towel for days on end, it is time to reconsider it.

Learning tricks to get rid of bad smells is important but, it is even more important to keep them always clean and disinfected.

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