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How to Clean Your Washing Machine & Dryer

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We have talked on our channel about how to wash your clothes and even make them cleaner and with a good smell.

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Washer dryers are becoming more and more present in houses around the world. Do you have one at your place too?

They are the most used machines today, thanks to how practical they are since you can wash and dry your clothes using a single utensil.

To ensure they work correctly, you need to pay attention and clean your washer dryer regularly. Did you know that?

Before cleaning your washer dryer, remember to unplug your machine to avoid electrical shocks. Only plug it in when it is time to clean the basket.

To learn the right way of cleaning your washer dryer, check out our step-by-step guide!

To keep your washing machine always clean, follow these steps:

Make sure your washing machine is empty;
Open the drawer and add 17 ounces of bleach
Select the longest washing feature with hot water.

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